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Bills @ Tokyo, Japan

Bills @ Tokyo, Japan

Ricotta Pancakes 1.JPG

It's so fluffy I'm gonna ...........!

We found Bills by chance when we googled “Breakfast in Tokyo” and every where, literally every site we looked at were raving about Bill’s signature ricotta hotcakes. Can I just say they are famous for their hotcakes?

We read about how patrons are expected to queue for an hour or so (even before the cafe opens) so we wanted to make a reservation through their site but it seems to only take in mid-afternoon (15:00 hrs onwards) slots. We decided to do a walk-in in the end because we wanted Breakfast (they have separate menus for breakfast and lunch) and arrived slightly later after 9am. We got our seats immediately but soon enough, a queue was starting to form outside the cafe so I guess we were quite lucky! :) They have a few locations around Tokyo, and Omotesando was the one we went to!

Ricotta Pancakes 2.JPG

I had the Ricotta hotcakes (1500 Yen // SGD 18) as my main - and it's served with fresh bananas, honeycomb butter and maple syrup. Apart from all the raves we read online, the hotcakes required a prep time of 20 minutes and with a empty morning stomach, I had so much expectations for it like hey the hotcakes better be good man I came all the way here for ya. I WAS SO HAPPY IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. 

The honeycomb butter was great and it has a tinge of cinnamon taste in it although I don't know if it really contained cinnamon. This butter combination along with the maple syrup went superbly well with the hotcakes, and the cakes with its jiggly soft texture, tasted like egg-tofu to me. That's a compliment by the way, like how do you even make hotcakes THIS soft? 

To the community raving about these Ricotta hotcakes, you have my vote! +1

Full Aussie Breakfast.JPG

Bills with its Aussie origins - we can't possibly miss their Full Aussie Breakfast set (2100 Yen // SGD 25) with scrambled organic eggs, toast, bacon, roast tomato, herbed garlic mushrooms, pork and fennel sausage. Koon had this as his main and overall it was decent, but not that value for money because the portion is really small.

Chai Latte.JPG

Chai Tea lovers - where are ya? This Almond Milk Spiced Chai Tea (880 Yen / SGD 10) caught my attention from the drinks menu because I love both Almond and Chai. I haven't come across this combination anywhere else so I didn't have to think too hard....and yes this one has my vote too!

It’s a pity we didn’t discover this gem earlier in all our previous trips to Japan and this has definitely been included into our favourite list of restaurants/cafes in Tokyo. 

If you're heading to Tokyo any time soon, be sure to give it a try! I promise you it'll be worth it ;)


Tokyu Plaza, Omotesando Harajuku 7F, 4-30-3 Jingu-mae, 
Shibuya-ku,  Tokyo 150-0001
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 8.30am – 11pm
Tel: + 81 3-5772-1133 Enquire // + 81 50-3188-5033 Book




Tokyo makes Miso Happy

Tokyo makes Miso Happy