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Review: Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Extra Moist Mask

Review: Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Extra Moist Mask


Hello 2019.

So… the “Beauty” section on my blog has been left empty for the longest time and I always have this sense of guilt for not getting down to do a review of the beauty products i love; especially when they are so underrated just because they are not heavily advertised.

But today, I am so happy to start off this section with my favorite sheet mask (at least for now!) and that is the Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Moist Mask.

Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Extra Moist Mask

Senka Perfect Aqua Rich Extra Moist Mask

Few months ago, my complexion was in a completely dehydrated situation as I have been very lazy, to the extent that my daily night routine only consisted of a toner. And I just wanted to say, this mask is a life saviour and ever since then I completely see the importance of keeping your skin moisturized.

I picked up this mask one day at Watsons (a popular beauty drugstore in Singapore) with no expectations on what they were going to do to my skin; and then overnight I just fell completely in love with it. They were on a sales rack going for $2 a piece and the only thought that crossed my mind was “ah, quite cheap, why not?”.

I applied the mask on that faithful night and had wanted to put it on for only 20 minutes but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep. I vaguely remember removing the mask in the middle of my sleep and when I woke up the next morning that's when the *magical moment* happened. Hahaha. A little dramatic here, but I can assure you that it's a true recount of what happened.

As with most of our morning habits, I was rubbing my eyes (or should I say, eye mucus?) and scratching my face a little here and that was when I felt the difference on my skin. It was super smooth…. and bouncy. In some baby terms I could use, it's the "poing poing” feeling! A little strange because it's the first time my complexion felt that way. I headed to the bathroom immediately and could see a visible effect of a brighter, moisturised and healthier-looking complexion; something that i haven't experienced for a long time.

Ever since then, it has become my no. 1 mask to go to whenever I need to give my skin a moisture boost. It's been a couple of months now and I have been stocking up these masks whenever I can especially when there is a sale. So far I haven't been able to find these masks at a lower price online, but the cheapest I have ever gotten was $27.90 for 3 boxes (21 pieces).

Each boxes comes with 7 pieces and the usual retail price is SGD $13.90, so getting 21 pieces of it at $27.90 was a steal.

In terms of the thickness and breathability of the material, the mask is of a medium to thick range. Not exactly what I like of a mask, but for it's level of moisturizing effect I would still give it a 8.5/10. The generous amount of serum content in the sachet also allows me to put them onto my neck and body parts that are typically super dry like the elbows, knees and heels.

I cannot stress enough how good this mask is and I think it really deserves more credit. While stocking up on them, I also decided to take one box of the Senka Perfect Aqua White Mask. I am not into whitening; but I do have some uneven and dark tones on my skin. I haven't tried it, but I hope it works as well as the aqua rich. And if it does work well, I will definitely do a review on it too.

That's all for my first "Beauty” post, and I hope you enjoyed it ;)

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