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Hakushu Teppanyaki - Probably one of the BEST beef teppanyaki restaurants in Tokyo

Hakushu Teppanyaki - Probably one of the BEST beef teppanyaki restaurants in Tokyo

Sometimes it takes a lot of luck to find a worthy restaurant in a foreign land but not so much if you’re reading this!

Hola beef lovers, and to anyone who’s looking for a good beef teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo, you’ve just landed yourself in the right place.

A few months ago (in May), i went on a siblings-only trip with my brother; a trip that we’ve been talking about since last year and it was only when he received his National Service Enlistment Letter (awwww!) that we finally booked our flights to Tokyo - my favorite city! 

Having been to Tokyo a few times together with Koon, I never really explored the idea of having beef teppanyaki because Koon doesn't take beef. As a steak/beef lover myself, it’s really hard to contain my cravings and emotions but well… 🙃

Luckily on this trip with my brother, I finally got a chance to try beef teppanyaki in Tokyo.

We visited Hakushu Teppanyaki on a friend’s recommendation (thanks Derrick!) and the advice given was to make a reservation early. I made a reservation 2 weeks in advance - and was very very lucky to get a dinner slot in the golden week that we were visiting. In Japan, the Golden Week is a week-long holiday consisting of four national holidays and it is considered to be the busiest time of the year. True enough, no other dinner slots were available for the rest of the days we were in Japan so I have to repeat, we were very lucky.

So on the very faithful day, we finally got to visit Hakushu! :))

We were given the counter seats and handed with the Hakushu menu -

For reference, we ordered two set meals - Kobebeef Sirloin and Kobebeef Fillet. Each set meal comes with toasts, salad and vegetables (includes onions, eggplant, bean sprouts, sweet potato).


This was our view; with the teppanyaki grill in front of us and a very sweet granny (let's call her Chef Granny) who was our dedicated chef that evening. In fact, she was fully taking care of counter which seats about 8-10 persons.

This was her preparing the ingredients for our meal and the whole time I was just so intrigued with everything that was going on in this little cosy restaurant.

We were given two types of sauce - one for the vegetables and another for beef (I presume it's the one with egg yolks). Chef Granny also placed two slices of white bread on our serving plate and truth to be told, we were confused - is the bread supposed to be eaten plain or….?

We were quite hungry but in a bid to not embarrass ourselves, we continued to wait and watched how the others were dealing with their bread. At the point of time, nobody was touching it and we noticed that their steak was served on top of it.

Here is Chef Granny starting our meal with some vegetables. Do you know - vegetables in Japan are super tasty that it can even alter the preference of people who don't take / hate veggies?!


First up - onions, eggplants, sweet potatoes and bean sprouts (not pictured).

I loveeeee eating sweet potatoes in Japan, they are super mushy and sweet!


Eyeing our sirloin and fillets from afar; the Chef took it out fresh from the fridge. I know some steak-fanatics are super into the marbling on the beef cuts but I am not an expert at this so I can't go into detail.


I heard that some restaurants would show and explain the types/grades of beef they serve. I was hoping to gain some knowledge on beef marbling but unfortunately at Hakushu they don't do that.

And here's Chef Granny preparing our steak. The smell got me salivating as I was watching!


The steak is then cut into smaller slices and placed on our white bread. I like how they portion out the steak for their customers. In the case of my brother and I, we ordered one of each - Sirloin and Fillet - and Chef Granny worked on the sirloin first, portioned it out between the two of us and did the same for the fillet later.

The texture of the steak is nearly impossible for me to describe! 😋 That juiciness and tenderness is something that I have never tasted anywhere else and I remember the first words that came out from my mouth was “OMG THIS IS SO GOOD 很好吃 很好吃"!


Beef fillet - the meat was slightly tougher but still super yummy.


By now, I'd already guessed what the white bread was for and I thought this was such a genius trick! The intention is to have it soak up all that “juice” and goodness from the steak! After we finished the steak, Chef Granny took the bread, added some butter and toasted them till it turned golden brown!


The toasted bread was supposed to conclude our meal but being the gluttons we are, we order another serving of shitake mushrooms!! 🍄🍄🍄 It was so good.


At the end of the meal, we were also given one each of these old school lollipops which certainly sweetened and completed our whole dining experience! I love this place so much and swear to Koon I will bring him there (he can choose from their seafood selection) while I munch on my kobe beef!

I really enjoyed the dining experience here.

Hakushu Teppanyaki

17-17−10 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan

Open Hours: Mon-Sat (5:30-11PM). Closed on Sundays.

Tel / Reservations:  +81 3-3461-0546

*Highly recommended make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance! Their staff speaks English so there are no communication barrier at all :)

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